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VoiceSafe G2

VoiceSafe G2 Phone Recording System is a modern enterprise management tool.It can monitor and manage the call and with incoming call number popup,call charge with pbx,extension record,voice mail and so on functions. VoiceSafe G2 Phone recording system is one kind with the hardware and software.It carves up TX2006 Normal version, Standard version,Senior version.TX2006 Normal version with Phone Recording ,Monitor real time, Out-going call record,Unanswered call,Incoming call number popup,Business management,Network inquiry,Long-distance management,Extension record.and so on functions.Standard version adds Call charge function.Senior version is add voice mail function.From the hardware ,it  carves up USB box,PCI Card, Embedded and 3 kinds.According to different user’s need,the system from channel 1 ,channel2 ,channel4 ,channel 8, channel 16,channel 30 and so on.Stand-alone use channel 1,and the mostly use channel 180.

VoiceSafe G2 Phone Recording System is widely used in few lines user. It used in commercial call,electric power dispatch,hotline call ,complain call, financial and stock ,traffic and transportation ,and so on.

Item Description

  • 2 Port Recorder
  • 4 Port Recorder
  • 8 Port Recorder 



Main working interface and channel status



Channel status :



Icon interpretation of Channels:



Search & Playback Module


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