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Microlog TCR 2000 is a full-featured, single channel one-box call and face-to-face conversation recording device design! for small to large organizations in financial service industry to fullfill their proactive measures against transaction risk and comply with the latest regulatory law.

MicroLog TCR-2000 imports a range of voice recording applications originally developed for large sites and is now made suitable for small sites or small remote branches without loss of any needed functionality. MicroLog TCR-2000 can be placed in the user's office desktop, acting as a true standalone recorder for tapping his / her station phone calls or recording face-to-face talks nearby his/her office desk, and moreover acting as a single-channel call recording device in the enterprise-wide call recording solution.



  1. Direct connection with analog line or digital/VoIP handset cord for recording calls
  2. Auto recording, manual controlled start/stop recording, or “important call only” recording.
  3. Intuitive operating interface including one-key Last Call Play & Multiple Search Option capabilities
  4. Live monitoring telephone conversations via built-in speaker or external earphone
  5. Built in microphone for room recording. 

TCR-2000 Provides Excellent Security Features

Setup menu is where the system is configured and memory card is where voice recordings are stored. When speaking in term of system and recording security, these two areas are the core of TCR-2000. For effective protection to these two areas, TCR-2000 introduces 3 levels of access restrictions ("user level", "admin level" and "memory card") by making use of password, which forms the authorization condition that has to be met before a user can gain access for them.

Memory card is computer-readable media. For avoiding content of voice recordings from exposing to unauthorized persons in the case that a memory card was lost or even stolen, TCR-2000 is made to allow users to enable protection for voice recordings with AES 256-bit encryption technology and MD5 checksum for digital fingerprinting. TCR-2000 provides the security features that even an advanced PC-based voice logger can't supply.

TCR-2000 key features

  • Sockets for direct connection with analog line or digital/IP telephone handset cord for recording calls
  • Built-in microphone for recording of meeting room or office-desk persons talking
  • 2L x 12C LCD screen with backlight for display of important information, such as Caller ID, dialing number
  • 16 buttons for input of 0-9, a-z, A-Z and controls of right, left, up, down, Enter and Esc
  • Earphone jack for listening of recordings / live calls
  • Line / handset / earphone jack collectively for delivery of prerecorded statements (optional TD-100 required)

Record and Storage

  • Secure digital technology storing 5,376 hours of conversation recording with a 32GB SDHC card (168H / 1GB)
  • Call recording activated by voice, loop voltage detect, manned operation
  • Only "important" call recorded (manned operation required)
  • Caller ID, digits dialed, date/time, Case ID, Comment and Value stored
  • "Important" tag assignable (for permanent storage of essential recording)
  • Manually delete recording allowable or unallowable
  • Missed call log (digital phone not supported)

Voice Playback

  • Recordings or live calls played via built-in speaker or external earphone
  • Last call played instantly
  • Jump to bookmark and play
  • Calls searchable by 3 different speeds
  • Only the calls having Importance tag played
  • Play from search result window
Security Features
  • 3 levels of access restrictions by making use of password
  • Password protection with disable/enable option
  • Auto logout feature
  • Recording encryption with disable/enable option
  • Encryption using AES 256 bit
  • MD5 128 bit checksum for digital fingerprinting
System Function and Alert Capability
  • System setup for export to memory card
  • System configured by memory card
  • Mains adapter or battery powered (for mobility purpose)
  • System software user-upgradable
  • Battery low alert
  • Memory card space-low and write-protection alert
Computer Support
  • Built-in USB 2.0 port for direct computer connection
  • Supplied with a free software for search, playback, management, email and conversion from PC
  • Recordings centralization via computer network (optional)
  • Recordings centralized by DCRS Central Archiving (optional)

TCR-2000 technical specification

Main Body Dimensions
  • 168 mm x 62 mm x 21 mm


  • 5VDC 1.0A (main)
  • 2 x AA size battery (alkaline/Ni-Cd 1.5V or Ni-Cd/Ni-MH rechargeable 1.2V)


  • 2L x 12C (English/Japanese)
  • Power in (5VDC)
  • 2-wire analog line in/out
  • Telephone handset cord in/out
  • Earphone out (privacy listening of calls or live monitoring)
  • Microphone in (extended microphone)
  • USB 2.0 port (for computer connection)

Button and Switch

  • Power on/off switch
  • Up/down button (menu up/down)
  • Left/right button (volume and cursor left/right)
  • Enter button (confirmation)
  • Esc button (exit/abort)
  • 0-9 buttons (input of 0-9, a-z, A-Z, play, pause, start, stop and more)
Start/Stop of Recordings
  • Auto start/stop by on/off hook detect (call)
  • Auto start/stop by VOX level (call)
  • Manual start/stop (call and microphone)
Memory Card Type
  • SD/SDHC card (32GB max.)

Recording and Storage Format

  • Number of recording per memory card: 9,999,999 max.
  • Length of a voice recording: 24H max.
  • Recording format: MS-GSM or ADPCM
  • Recording format conversion: WAV and MP3 (via software supplied)
  • Last call played instantly
  • Matched call(s) played sequentially
  • Play control (standard, auto next call, fast forward/backward)
  • Partial loop play
  • Bookmark play
  • AVC (Auto Volume Control)
  • Noise reduction
Security and Privacy Features
  • 3 levels of access restrictions using password
  • Voice recording encryption by AES 256 bit
  • Memory card password protection
  • Digital fingerprint by MD5 128 bit checksum

Advanced Setup Options

  • Password protection on/off
  • Cycle recording on/off
  • Record trigger selection
  • On/off hook detection for 24V or 48V
  • VOX trigger threshold adjustment
  • Gain adjustment (line, handset and microphone)
  • Fields selection (Case ID / Comment / Value)
  • "Important calls only" on/off
  • Deleting privilege on/off
  • Live monitoring on/off
  • Encryption on/off
  • Missed call log configuration
System Software Upgrade
  • Software upgrade via memory card
Microphone and Speaker
  • Built-in speaker (playback / live monitoring)
  • Built-in microphone (room / persons talking recording)
  • External earphone connective (privacy listening)
  • Extended microphone connective

Telecom Line / Phone Connection

  • Analog Central Office line
  • PBX analog extension line
  • Handset coil cord of digital/IP phone
Call Storage Information
  • Date and time
  • Caller ID (Bellcore, ITU-V.23 and Japan NTT)
  • Dialed DTMF
  • Important (marked during call progressing or under playback)
  • Case ID, comments and value
  • Calls bookmark
  • Recorded from phone or microphone
Voice Storage
  • Per 1Gb for 170 hours (MS-GSM)
  • Per 1Gb for 72 hours (ADPCM)

Search Calls

  • Speedy search basing on date/time
  • Conditional search by combination of date, time, phone number, Importance, Case ID, Comment and Value

User Operation Safety

  • Memory card space low alert
  • Battery low alert
  • Memory card not present alert
  • memory card write-protection alert
  • "Important Only" recording mode reminding tone
Software Supplied
  • Free software "TCR-2000 Player" for search, playback, management, email and conversion from PC
  • Recordings centralization via local computer network (optional) or DCRS Central Archiving (optional)

Regulation Compliance

  • Recording Announcement (Built-in TD-100 is required and is optional.)

Safety and Certifications

  • Emissions: FCC Part 15 Class B
  • EMC: EN 300 386
  • Safety: EN 60950-1
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