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EasyLog is budgetary multi-channel voice logger in non-intrusive parallel-connected design for fulfillment of safety requirement on telecom line connection and is based on industrial grade single board 6-slot computer and Multisuns reengineered Linux, self-developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) board and software for optimizing the total cost of ownership.

One EasyLog call recorder starts from 8 channels, expandable to 24 channels simply by adding extra recording boards. Each unit of EasyLog takes full advantage of today's hard drive technology, storing calls on a local hard drive and, if desired, it can automatically archive calls from local hard drive to an USB hard drive or a shared disk as off-line data. It gives businesses the highest ROI (Return On Investment)


Intelligent Search and Play

  •  Friendly interface plus multiple search options allowing easy retrieval of wanted calls out from thousands stored on local hard drive, external USB hard drive or a shared disk
  •  Calls searchable by any combination of account name, date/time, caller ID and dialed number
  •  Calls playable via the sound player of web browser
  •  Calls converted to WAV and stored in user's PC

True web-based

Search, Playback, Retrieve, Live monitoring, and Configuration accessible from any connected PC without additional software installation


Intelligent built-in GUI

  • Built in Player
  • Allows single or batch selects playback
  • Allows portion playback
  • Visible wave up to 8x, and Speed (-50% to +100%)


Built in Searcher

Criteria search based on Date, Time, Account, Caller ID, and Dial String

Selective auto deleting

  • Automatically deleted basing on retention period or free space threshold of online storage
  • Important calls can be marked for permanent storage

Warning alerts

  • Automatically email and call out while
  • Insufficient free space
  • Record over time
  • Idle over time

Recording flexibility to dedicated or all channels

  • Recording schedule
  • Recording mode
  • Auto start / stop by voltage detection
  • Auto start / stop by VOX detection
  • Agent-initiated recording for entire or partial call conversation 

Agent free-seating functionality

Selective archiving and deletion can be based upon agent’s extension for any size enterprise even in non-CTI environments.


Multi-lingual support

English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, and Thai.


Built in Downloader

  • Allows single or batch selects download
  • Automatically converted to WAV


Account management

  • Admin: Search, Playback, Retrieve, Live call monitoring, and Configuration all accounts
  • Browse All: Search, Playback, and Retrieve all accounts
  • Personal: Search, Playback, and Retrieve self account only
  • Group: Search, Playback, and Retrieve all accounts that in the Group

High security and stability

  • Based on Linux OS
  • Password protection and Admin control
  • Voice data are hosted separately
  • CF card for Linux OS + EasyLog application
  • HDD for voice logging data


Connection Diagram

easy diagram

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