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UMP is a comprehensive management platform, providing customers a complete Workforce Optimization Suite in a unified platform and single sign-on. UMP provides all critical WFO components Voice Recording, Search & Playback, Quality Monitoring, Performance Management, Agent Seat Management, WorkForce Management and more. Each component is integrated seamlessly in single portal to provide holistic solution and better user experience.


TDM & VoIP Recording

VCLog, will allow you to have multiple input channels into one single system, such as Analog, Digital StationsideDigital Trunk Side, VoIP and more. You can record from traditional circuit-switched (TDM) or new IP PBXs , in the same system.

Screen Recording

VCLog Screen Logging provides your organizations with a 360 view of your agent’s activity, capturing both the voice and screen interaction in sync. VoiceCyber will provide both option of selective recording or 100% recording.

WEB – Search & Playback

Easy to use modern user interface providing users with good and fresh user experience. The search and replay engine is design to be intuitive and user friendly, powered by a web engine allowing easy access across the organization. All search and playback is managed and controlled by a comprehensive user access management module.

Search for call with:

  • Date and Time
  • Call Duration
  • Extension
  • CallerID and CalledID
  • AgentID *
  • Account Number **
  • IC Number **

* Integration to CTI
** Integration to CRM

Agent Seat Management

Agent Seat Management provides an actual contact center seating plan, with agent’s live status for easy monitoring. ASM will provide flexibility to change entire contact center layout in the system according to the actual layout. With a few simple clicks, ASM will provide agents information, playback recordings and live monitor calls.

Have a “Hot-desking contact center”?

Agent Seat Management is integrated to the WFM system, and will allocate a correct seat to the contact center agent. No longer will they have to spend time to looking for a seat, or even go to the wrong floor to be seated.

Key Features

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Real Time Alert
  • Real Time enquiry historical data
  • Real Time Dashboard for better view of the agent live status
  • Agent seat plan
  • Agent “Help Request” IM Chat with Team Leader

Workforce Management

Workforce Management encompasses all that you need to optimize the staffing and customer service across the organization. WFM provides everything necessary to effectively manage your staff, forecast demands, create schedules, develop accurate and insightful reports and improve the overall customer service operation. Key feature of WFM:

  • Forecast and Scheduling
  • Intraday Management
  • Real Time Adherence
  • Leave Management
  • Agent Trade (Shift Swap)
  • Meeting Optimized
  • Reporting
  • Agent Portal (Mobile Devices Supported)
  • Cloud Ready

Performance Management

Performance Management helps you to track the performance and trends of your contact center agents performance. The system empowers the managers to plan, monitor and review employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization.

The system will collect data from UMP modules and other data points. Key features:

  • KPI Dashboard
  • Alert Management
  • Trend and Pattern Analysis
  • Peer-to-Peer Comparison
  • Performance-to-Target Analysis
  • Agent Performance
  • Team Leader Performance
  • Quality Officer  Performance
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