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Many organizations face the challenge of managing their staff and processes across decentralized and virtualized operations while adapting to new communications channels and evolving customer expectations. In this environment, balancing workload, staffing, and other resources across different functional areas can be critical for delivering effective customer service. However, few organizations have a means for systematically collecting,analyzing, and acting on cross-departmental data.

Verint® Enterprise Workforce Management™ is a Web-based solution for planning, forecasting, and scheduling work as well as managing resources and processes across the enterprise, from contact centers to branch and back-office operations.

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management provides unified applications designed specifically to help organizations gain visibility into — and more effectively manage — the work they perform, the activities of people who perform it, and the processes used to accomplishit. The solution offers a single view into all employees, including their respective skills, proficiencies, rank, and availability to handle workload. By leveraging this information, you can quickly align your workforce with your workload, deliver a more consistent customer experience, and benefit from:

  • Meeting service-level goals efficiently across inbound and outbound phone, email, chat, and social media channels.
  • Obtaining more accurate insight into actual production standards across the enterprise.
  • Enhancing staff utilization, with more efficient use of overtime.
  • Avoiding compliance issues and penalties.
  • Identifying process breakdowns and areas for supplemental training.
  • Leveraging visibility into workflows to help ensure work is assigned to the appropriate employees and work groups.
  • Reducing the costs associated with managing and retaining employees.

With Verint Enterprise Workforce Management, you can track the aging of work items and receive alerts when items are at risk of missing service-level agreements.


  • Provides visibility into staffing, processes, and work across the areas of your enterprise that impact the customer experience.
  • Leverages performance information as needed to help you achieve operational excellence, meet service-level agreements, reach processing goals,and more.
  • Helps you realize the advantages of a virtual workforce, with the ability to pool available resources in different functional areas.
  • Offers a Web-enabled solution with simplified administration and maintenance, reduced hardware requirements, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Gain Unprecedented Visibility into Workload, Staffing, and Processes

Because Verint Enterprise Workforce Management is a Web-based solution, it eliminates the need for a thick or rich client, simplifying maintenance requirements while removing the cost and performance issues associated with terminal services. Multi-tenant capabilities equip the solution to support cloud-based deployments, and a browser provides quick access to all functionality, including:

Data Capture and Work Item Tracking — Automatically captures workload information, such as volume by time interval and individual employee productivity, from ERP and CRM systems, as well as from a manual data entry interface. A work item tracking feature can track the individual case level, enabling operations managers to monitor item aging and view predictions for meeting expected cycle times.
This feature helps reduce the risk and penalties associated with missing service-level agreements (SLAs).

Strategic Planning/Modeling — Enables managers to create high-level workload and capacity planning models for contact center and back-office operations. Models can factor in average cycle times, employee skills and proficiencies,and the cost and availability of resources throughout the enterprise to calculate headcount requirements and service-level projections based on existing staff. Managers can use models to optimize among a number of variables,including hiring, overtime, and vacation hours.

Resource Utilization — Enables users to create work-demand forecasts using resources from across departments. The forecasting model can factor in backlog, deadlines, and completion targets, facilitating schedule adjustments to meet SLAs. Activity-based and employee-based scheduling are supported, enabling activities to be measured in one-minute increments and over/understaffing situations to be detected quickly.

Intraday Management — Offers real-time schedule adherence management, with alerts when events and metrics deviate from plan. Managers can track operational metrics, such as staffing level and backlog, against forecasts, then use intraday trending data to reforecast and take corrective actions. Key performance indicator (KPI) scores show how individuals and teams are performing against their goals.

Operational and Performance Analytics — Provides organization and employee scorecards that reflect work groups, sites, departments, virtual units, and teams on an individual or collective basis, for a complete view of operational performance.

Employee Portal — Provides employee self-management capabilities through a personalized home page that displays current and future schedules, performance scorecards, and schedule adherence while providing access to assigned eLearning courses and coaching materials. By automating time off, shift swapping, and shift bidding processes, the portal helps save supervisory time.

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management – Part of the Verint Workforce Optimization Solution

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management is part of a suite of workforce optimization solutions from Verint Systems. This patent-protected suite helps organizations capture and analyze customer interactions, improve internal processes and workforce performance, uncover business trends and competitive advantages, and discover the root causes of customer and employee behavior.

Receive Guidance from World-Class Consultants

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