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logo4 started as a small company in 1985 providing sales and support of Key Telephone system and PABX’s from Japan. By 1990, we had more than 500 systems of Taiko key telephone systems installed and maintained throughout the country.

We had the first major turning point in our business in 1990 when we introduced and installed the first financial dealing room Electronic Dealer board systems in Malaysia in banks, dealers and stock securities. We sold and installed not less than 15 banks of the dealer boards in Malaysia before the manufacturer, then a subsidiary of British Telecom, UK, decided to set up its own office to continue with the business.

Together with these dealer boards we installed the telephone communications recorders from RACAL, UK. Our pioneering business in recorders or, to be more precise, the telecommunications voice loggers system continue to grow from the banking and financial market for call dispute, securities and compliance applications to today multiple applications in call center training and agent quality management. We are the system integrator and distributors for the following range of recorders such as NICE, VERINT, MULTISUNS, VOICECYBER, VOICESAFE PLUS and etc.


         With our Voice loggers market in the call centers industries, we also distribute the VBeT high quality headset for call centers, especially for the noise-cancelling, wired and wireless headsets. Telesupply has a network of dealers and resellers throughout the country for Voice Logger, Headset and Telephone set suitable for heavy duty application at Banks, offices, hotels and hospitals.


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Telesupply offered several of solutions that will cater your company needs. Below are the few solutions we are offering.
· Voice Recording Solutions for Call Centers, Public Security & Financial Markets

. Application and Management Software WFM and QM
· Structured cabling for Data Center or buildings
· Professional Services and Consultation Service for all range of Voice Logger

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